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shondai wayne harris, jr

Traveling state to state as a kid to visit relatives helped develop Mr. Harris’ love for travel.  Eventually, he wanted to see more and decided to broaden his travel adventures to other countries.

Now, with more than 30 years of travel experience Shondai Wayne Harris, Jr. affectionately known as “Sug” is an avid traveler.  He has taken his childhood pastime and turned it into a successful business venture.

Not only does “Sug” serve as owner and top travel agent for Waynes World Travel Agency, but his passion for international connections extends to his position as CEO of Heizwerthy Customs & Freight Solutions, an international shipping agency and customs brokerage firm.  To sum up his business adventures, one can say he moves people and cargo!

Sug holds a degree in Microcomputer Technology. 

waynes world travel agency
Travel enthusiast, avid vacationer.

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